Use R!

Computing is an essential tool for scientists that want to extract the maximum of information out of their data.
At the NIOZ Department of Estuarine & Delta Systems in Yerseke, we use R as the problem solving environment for our visualisation, statistical analysis, our scientific computing and environmental modelling.

R is a user-friendly, open source, flexible computer language, that has recently gained a lot of popularity in academia. Recent developments to which we contributed have also made it an ideal tool for scientific computing.

On this website we want to share with you:

  • The R-packages that we have developed to tackle e.g. visualisation and scientific computing problems.
  • Some of our modelling applications, ranging from food web models to biogeochemical models.
  • How we use R for data exploration, including long-term monitoring data sets.
  • Several teaching exercises with interactive models and questions at MSc or PhD-level.

This website is a showcase of our R work. Feel free to look around!


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