AquaEnv is an integrated development toolbox for aquatic chemical model generation focused on (ocean) acidification and CO2 air-water exchange.  It contains all elements necessary to model the pH, the related CO2 air-water exchange, as well as aquatic acid-base chemistry in general for an arbitrary marine, estuarine or freshwater system. Also chemical batches can be modelled.  Next to the routines necessary to calculate desired information, AquaEnv also contains a suite of tools to visualize this information.  Furthermore, AquaEnv can not only be used to build dynamic models of aquatic systems, but it can also serve as a simple desktop tool for the experimental aquatic chemist to generate and visualize all possible derived information from a set of measurements with one single easy to use R function.  Additionally, the sensitivity of the system to variations in the input variables can be visualized. The corresponding publication in Aquatic Geochemistry can be found at

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Andreas F. Hofmann, Karline Soetaert, Filip J.R. Meysman

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