Interactive OpenGL images added

For some of the 3D images in the OceanView gallery we added an OpenGL representation of the image. The 3D image can be zoomed in and out and you can rotate the image in any direction.

Please have a look at the 3D images. You can open the OpenGL page by clicking the link on the bottom left:

For the last one, there is also a nice animation video available.

Schelde tipping cruise

In order to understand what makes the Schelde so turbid, and why the turbidity changed recently, we went on a cruise with the NIOZ research vessel ‘the Navicula’ from 28 April till 1 May 2014. Functions from the R-package OceanView are used to display the results.


Energy budgets of Deep-water corals

In one of our new projects, Daan Gerla and Dick van Oevelen are making a Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa. Of course we use R to implement this model, to fit the DEB model to the data, and to run scenarios under various environmental pressures. On the modelling page you will find a simple DEB model as it runs in R.

Deep-sea mining

In November 2013, Dick van Oevelen, Sabine Gollner and Karline Soetaert participated in the kickoff meeting of the MIDAS project.
In this project we will use a combination of R foodweb modelling and in situ experiments to assess the impacts of mineral extraction on benthic communities.